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Be Your Best is a joy to be shared.

I qualified and practiced as an occupational therapist in the early 1990s, and motherhood and a flower business kept me busy for nearly two decades. During that period I would sometimes combine my passion for flowers and love of teaching to present flower arranging courses, always sharing in the happiness of another person mastering a new skill. That’s how I got here…

After selling my business, The Green Chameleon, I rather unexpectedly took up full-time teaching, while completing a postgraduate certificate in education.  I spent the next five very fulfilling years at Future Achievers Academy, being challenged by the combined roles of being a teacher, school administrator and hands-on manager of the school kitchen.

During this period, a personal crisis lead me to enrol in the Be Your Best programme – driving weekly to Pretoria and completing the course on a one-on-one basis.  Initially I could not connect my issues with the structured course content, but soon it started to make complete sense. The benefits of better communication and increased awareness of my own and others’ needs started to make a big difference to relationships at work, at home -wherever I dealt with people.

This positive impact on so many levels in my own life made me aware of how quickly we fall back into familiar ways of thinking, doing and communicating – whether these patterns work, or not. The decision to become an instructor was helped along by my mother (83), who said: “People should learn how to talk to each other.  I wish I had done the course years ago… my children would have been better off!”  Her comment confirmed my own conviction of how it is never too late to learn and grow. Growth enables us to love more, without fear or compromise.

Be Your Best is a joy to be shared.
Occupational Therapist
Business Owner

“Breathe, darling.  This is just a chapter.  It’s not your whole story.”

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Be Your Best can help by offering you both basic personal and professional relationship and development skills — skills you can use in all areas of your life.  

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