Course Origin

What is the origin of the BeYourBest course?

Integrating a Comprehensive Set of Skills

The course was developed by Linda Adams, the current President of Gordon Training International (GTI), which was founded by Dr Thomas Gordon in 1962. He is internationally recognized for his contributions in the fields of organizational leadership, communication, discipline, and conflict resolution, with his books published in 32 languages. Dr Gordon was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Linda Adams (M.A) developed the ByB course for anyone wanting to improve and enrich any/all of his/her relationships, using the models pioneered by Dr Thomas Gordon. The practical nature of the course is focused at integrating a comprehensive set of skills into one’s daily communication. Its main aim is to enable anyone to deal more effectively with conflict, and have more meaningful relationships and less stress all around.

The Be your Best course in its current format is presented in more than 20 countries, from Australia, UK, Japan and China… to Norway, Spain and Poland. Heidi Malan, our South African representative, is based in Brooklyn Pretoria, from where she oversees the presentation of the different programs available under the GTI umbrella of effectiveness training.

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Be Your Best can help by offering you both basic personal and professional relationship and development skills — skills you can use in all areas of your life.  

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